How can i:

​How can i register my Bullies:

You can register your bullies rather easier than most kennel club registries with the fastest response.Fill out the form answer each question  and specification we ask for we will not send out registration till we received our payment shall be paid through cash app at $ubnregistry

The fee will be 30.00 after payment is received  will send out your documentation.

I lost my papers



The U.B.N will duplicate any lost documentation.Such as kennel registry,pedigree,stud contracts,D.N.A profiling ETC one email away


With each documentation duplication prof of ownership of the documentation will be asked and a fee of 30.00 dollars will be paid to duplicate the documentation shipping fee varies from state to country.


I have a bully and the sires owner and dam do not want to give me any ansestory paper or documentation of lineage can i register?

How can i register a litter

​You can register your litter easily fill out the form  we do charge for a litter registration 40.00 you are to follow each guideline and specification we ask for in the application for each bully pup .

What is a pedigree

A pedigree is a documentation that shows proof of your bullies ancestry. Which will show up to 7 generations back of bullies which were used to create the best bully based on the breeders quality and back ground of each bully such as grandparents,great grandparents champions and more.

​Do i need Registration

Here at the U.B.N you will need to be registered with the U.B.N in order to compete in any event or club activities .

In some events we will have Registration prior to an event .Usually this will be an hour before an event.

I do not have papers can i get any i have a pure bully?

(L.p Status)

Registering Exotics

If you crossed an English Bull or french bull or shorty bull with American Bull, you'd have an Exotic Bully. If you bred an Exotic x American Bully= Exotic Bully. Once the Exotic Bully is on your registration, the lineage becomes Exotic and will remain Exotic in the Breed Type

Yes we do offer papers for dogs of purity we will have to  ask the sire and dams owner if this pup was produced from the two ,If any party denies that the bully is not of a breeding than we will not register the bully.IF the dog was bought at a place such as a pet shop or given as a gift and that dog does not have any lineage we will register the dog under what we call the (L.p)rule which means lost pedigree Once labeled (L.p) the Lost Pedigree clause remains in affect until the lineage reaches its 3rd generation. Genealogy will be documented and can only be changed by U.B.N administration panel after review is settled.

If we feel that there is foul play with a breeder and they do not want to provide lineage of the bully we will do an investigation to verify that the bully was a part of the breeding which played part at that time. we will need pictures of the bully and we might require a D.N.A test if at anytime we feel that you the owner of the bully did any foul play with the breeder we will deny you to any registration and we will report you to following kennel clubs around the nation.