International Judges:
to be announced.
Weight pulling judges:
to be announced.
Senior Judges:
Kaitlyn Pagan
Prez  Potter
Judge Apprentice:
Laron levi
Tito Kimbasa
Carl Nation
Marc torres
David canti

Representatives and rules



 Please submit all questions to unitedbullynation@gmail.com to become a judge Thank You.

At every event we will have  three judges examine and maintain each breeds standard set under the unitedbullynation from the book of the U.B.N


The judge is to examine each bully at each sanction we have and compare all the images of each bullies descriptions of the best of the best breed from its standard description to its fiscal health and functions for what the breed was breed  to do.


The judge is to examine each bully  muscle tone,Bone structure coat mouth and stance for balance overall to oversee all bullies are intact.

keep in mind

Not Every one on this page is a rep

some do documentation and some are just show organizers.




All U.B.N representatives are
independent contractors and not
employees of the U.B.N.