Weight pulling judges:
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Weight pull standards and Regulations 

All U.B.N representatives are
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employees of the U.B.N.

All dogs competing in a UBN weight pull most be registered with the UBN.(will be able to register day of event) All bully breed dogs are open to compete in UBN weight pulls.


The rules and regulations are as followed. 0. All dogs competing for qualifying legs and points must be 9 months of age 0. All dogs must have their own freight harness 0. All dogs must be kept in a safe/secure crate 0. All dogs must use a flat collar. No pinch collars or choke chains allowed 0. No females in heat will be allowed to compete or be present at show site 0. Novice dogs are allowed to use a leash if needed 0. No human/dog aggressive dogs will be allowed to pull or at the show site 0. Animal abuse will not be tolerated. This includes physical or verbal abuse. The chief judge reserves the right to disqualify (DQ) a handler for abuse 0. The chief judge will determine if a dog is injured or too thin to pull at time of weigh-in 0. All dogs must be weighed in no more than 24 hours before show and cannot be weighed more than twice per day Pulling Procedures 0. Handler can choose weight to come in on and have unlimited passes. 0. All pulls will have variable weight increments. It is the judge’s decision on weight increments between rounds. 0. No fouls allowed. If you touch your dog or the cart during pull you will be DQ 0. No "slingshot" starts 0. You may not drive your dog from directly behind dog. You may drive the dog from the side/front of the dog 0. All pulls must be completed within 60 seconds. 0. Time starts when you call or motion your dog to pull or the dog shows forward progress 0. Dogs weighing the same in each class that go out on the same weight, the winner will be determined by the fastest time 0. Dogs will be ready to pull when called 0. Handlers will be allowed 5 minutes between rounds if asked for by handler. 0. No baiting during pull. You may give treats and water in handler’s area 0. Dog’s feet may have water put on them between rounds Handlers 0. No double handling 0. You may clap or cheer for a dog pulling if you are 10' from pulling surface 0. Only dogs where double handling is allowed are novice dogs.(Novice dogs most check in with judge before pull) Point System 1stPlace: 10 points�2ndPlace: 7 points�3rd Place: 5 points 10 points for divisional Most Weight Pulled (MWP) 10 points for divisional Most Weight Pulled Per Pound (MWPP) Nationals 0. To be eligible to compete at nationals dog most have a competed in at least 5 events during the pull season. 0. All titles earned during season will be handed out at nationals. Titles Rookie Puller 100 points Pro Puller 200 points All-Pro Puller 300 points Allstar Puller 400 points Bronze Star Puller 500 points Silver Star Puller 600 points Gold Star Puller 700 points Extreme Puller 800 points Hall of Fame Puller 900 points Legendary Puller 1000 points Surface Type 0. All rail systems must be at least 32' in length and 30" in width between rails 0. All completed pulls will be 16' between start and finish line 0. Rail types can be round, flat, or v-groove 0. All pulls will be conducted on a flat or inclined surface. No downhill gradespermitted 0. The cart will have a minimum 3' trace and a maximum of 5'. The trace will be securely attached to the front/middle of the cartWeight cannot exceed the outside edges of the cart 0. Casters can be any size. They must be rated to hold the amount of weight being loaded on the cart Any questions regarding weight pull information please contact  us unitedbullynation@gmail.com